Refrigerated Less-Than-Truckload

Dedicated Refrigerated LTL fleet under management. Pinnacle provides capacity Coast to Coast for refrigerated LTL or temperature-controlled TL shipments. Load-to-Ride refrigerated LTL solutions limit liability risk and increase speed in transit.

Pinnacle specializes in all forms of climate controlled shipments with experience moving high value pharmaceuticals, food products and other products requiring special care. Thermo King’s TracKing is our preferred method to monitor unit temperatures throughout the life of the shipment. All data is independently monitored and downloadable with 24/7 temperature monitoring.
The Pinnacle footprint spiders out from origin, Florence, NJ to service customer needs to major metros.

High Service Markets:
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Minneapolis, MN
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA

Pinnacle Freight Systems, Inc. Service Area

Power Units

Temperature Controlled Trailers

Sq ft. of Temperature Controlled Warehousing (Tri-State Area)

The Pinnacle Trucking, LLC Advantage

While other traditional LTL carriers move freight through a network of local and breakbulk terminals, we eliminate transfers and load directly from our NJ facility.

  • Our Load Direct LTL Program results in less handling and a Best-in-Class Claims ratio
  • Pickup Dates are dictated by YOU THE CUSTOMER
  • Pinnacle has the customer density, in turn, we can offer savings against traditional LTL refrigerated carriers.
  • Options are limited, move with a partner that’s been executing this mode for 30 years
  • Integrated EDI
  • Geotab ELD and geolocation platform
  • Rosco Vision in all company trucks
  • Chain of Custody – reduced temperature excursions for shippers requiring temperature control. Download Capability.

Cargo Claims for July 2020

Load Direct Works


by revenue

Average days to close a claim


claims closed in under 30 days

Thermo King

Thermo King® is a leading provider of temperature-controlled transport solutions, catering to industries that require precise climate control for their goods. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Thermo King offers a wide range of cutting-edge refrigeration systems, heating units, and advanced monitoring technologies. Their products are designed to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of perishable items, pharmaceuticals, and more. Thermo King’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in their efforts to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency in the cold chain industry.

Thermo King’s TracKing is an innovative, easy to use GPRS/GPS system that allows us 24/7 visibility to your temperature-sensitive cargo.  We have real-time monitoring of the trailer temperature, trailer location, and warning alarms should the trailer temperature fluctuate outside of the temperature setting. 

This system increases our operational efficiency and reduces cargo loss.  TracKing allows us to guarantee product integrity and on-time delivery to you.

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What temperature ranges can Pinnacle’s fleet handle?

Pinnacle fleet can accommodate products within all temperature range requirements, climate-controlled, cold chain, and frozen.

Are there restrictions on pallet counts that can be moved through this network?

No, if Pinnacle assets have the space on our trailers, we’ll make the pickups!

Does the product move through multiple touchpoints?

No, the product on our fleet is load-to-ride.

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