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Partner with National, Regional, or Super Regional Carriers. The Pinnacle solution is here to customize your LTL needs. Choose a partner carrier for your shipments specific requirements. Select based on transit requirements, reliability, geographical footprint, high value goods, or cost savings initiatives.

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What LTL carrier is best for my freight?

With 100+ LTL carriers offering nationwide coverage, choosing the best carrier is about client specific needs. Carrier business models vary, some are built for a cost-effective solution, others pride themselves on a low claims ratio, some have nationwide coverage while others are regionally focused. Your dedicated Pinnacle team will share insights and experiences with you to find the best carrier mix.

What happens if there is a claim?

Pinnacle’s dedicated claims team will handle the entire process from notifying the carrier, collecting paperwork, executing the claim, and processing the refund.

What is the difference between Economy, Guaranteed, and Volume Rates?

Economy– Typically 1-6 pallets, less than 9,999 lbs the freight moves through traditional hub & spoke network. Shipments are prioritized above Volume.
Guaranteed– Freight is the top priority for an LTL carrier to hit OTD. Guarantees are only valid from date of pickup.
Volume- Freight moves at capacity, lowest in terms of priority to ship on time, great for orders 6+ pallets and 6k+ lbs. Cost-effective rates but transit must be flexible.

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