All-Risk Cargo Insurance


We can insure

Any Load on Any Carrier

Up to $500,000

“All-Risk” Cargo Insurance

Pinnacle can quickly provide affordable “all-Risk” Cargo insurance through Lloyds of London in amounts up to half a million dollars. 

Higher Value limits are available upon request. 

“All-Risk” Cargo Insurance

All-Risk Cargo insurance covers, “any physical loss or damage to cargo in transit or covered storage including theft, pilferage, mis-delivery, contact with other cargo or any external cause. (Exceptions may apply, please fill out the below form to apply.”

 This insurance covers all modes of transport that Pinnacle covers.

Pinnacle does not actually have to haul the shipment in order to insure the shipment.

Brokered loads and forwarded loads handled by other carriers can also be covered. Coverage begins the moment the cargo commences transit from the point of origin, or as instructed by the customer and ends when the cargo reaches the final destination (consignee and or warehouse location) and when the Delv. Receipt is signed clear.

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