Flatbed & Specialized Hauling

Unique equipment needs, turn to a team executing specialized shipments for decades. Defined trusted carrier base in all unique equipment. Carrier history built at the driver level and executive level.

Coverage across the continental 48 states. All carriers must pass our 8-step validation process. Primary cargo coverage and supplemental ALL Risk coverage available for high value shipments. Experienced Team to secure all your needs from permitting and escorts to a typical 1:1 flatbed shipment.

  • 48’ Flat
  • 53’ Flats
  • Conestoga
  • Double Drop
  • Low-Boy
  • Step Decks

A great deal of planning and thought goes into shipping specialty loads.  Finding capacity can be time consuming and frustrating.  If you have ever found yourself searching for a truck for a special commodity you are shipping, Pinnacle Freight Systems expansive carrier network can be the capacity you need.

Contact one of our experts.  Our expert team understands every part of the process.  They know what questions to ask and will coordinate all relevant information to our expert carriers.  




  • Service all lanes within the continental 48 states.
  • Safety is our priority.  We only partner with select trusted carriers and work with you to find the best carrier for the job.  

Safe & Reliable

  • Contracted small fleet partners must pass our 8-point validation process in order to join our network. 
  • Each partner is automatically vetted every 24 hours by our ERP software.
  • Our cargo coverage is primary.  You only work with Pinnacle Freight Systems.
  • Quickly provide affordable all-risk cargo coverage through Lloyds of London for high value commodities. 


  • Dedicated expert team help you navigate the complex world of flatbed shipping. 
  • 24/7 Communication
  • We know what questions to ask and do the legwork necessary to move your shipment safely.

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Does your team handle OD high-value shipments?

Absolutely, the team has key relationships with carriers specializing in OD, permitting, escorts, and overall transport of unique shipments.

Is there a target market for capacity?

No, the Pinnacle Team has relationships nationwide and in Canadian markets.

What are the benefits of a Conestoga?

Retractable trailer cover allows for side loading or goods required to be kept out of inclement weather.

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