Expedited Service

Dedicated Expedited Fleet partnerships sharing access to capacity nationwide. After-Hours support to provide proactive tracking and communication for your time-critical shipments.


Last minute, Time-Sensitive, or MABD shipments our team has access to 5,000+ vetted carriers across the lower 48. Dedicated Expedite Team to provide overnight tracking and consistent hourly updates through the life of the load. Our team is here to remove the stress of time sensitive shipping and ensure that all products arrive on time and in full.


Sprinter Vans
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Team Service

We provide shipment status door to door for complete visibility of your shipment including arrival and delivery status.

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New Jersey

Len Colfer

500 Cedar Lane
Florence, NJ 08518
732.667.5261 ext. 151


Mike Gavin

425 Joliet St. Suite 320
Dyer, IN 46311
732.667.5261 ext. 128


Erik Jenkins

405 State Highway 121
Lewisville, TX 75057

732.667.5261 ext. 155


Sloan McBee

3011 Sutton Gate Dr. Ste.380
Suwanee, GA 30024
732.667.5261 ext. 143

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Why Choose Expedited Services?

Product must be delivered at a certain day and time.  Dock requirements will not support a 53’ Trailer.

How often can I receive tracking updates?

Consistent Tracking requirements on expedited services are expected. Carriers can be tracked every 15 minutes if preferred by the customer.

Is there a minimum lead time for Expedite pickups?

No, expedite can be sourced anytime, the team is built to handle shipment execution with limited lead time.

Phone: 732.667.5261

Fax: 732.667.5265

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