Protect From Freeze Service

Nov 14, 2022 | Blog, Pinnacle Services

Protect From Freeze Service

Protect Your Freight Against Winter Temperatures,
“The Pinnacle Way”

Dad always said, “you have to have the right tools for the job if you want to succeed”.  That’s why shippers & consignees with temperature sensitive freight need a carrier with the right tools for temp-controlled shipping.  Temps have already dipped below freezing in the Northeast.  With winter’s temps just around the corner, time draws short to find capacity with a carrier possessing the tools to deliver – not just on time, but on temperature!  

Using poorly equipped carriers to haul your temp-sensitive freight can be super costly. NRDC estimates between two and five percent of all perishable food shipments in the US are rejected at loading docks.  This costs food producers tens of millions of dollars each year.  And food is only one category of temperature sensitive freight.  Other high value freight like pharmaceuticals, water-based paints and other chemical agents, live plants and animals are also prone to damage from freezing.  

So, what does it take to ensure temp-sensitive freight arrives within acceptable tolerances?  What are the “right tools for the job” of avoiding costly loss of product due to winter temps in transit?  

Pinnacle has the all the answers you need as part of its Protect from Freeze Service.  Starting with a modern fleet of heated and insulated trailers and snow chain-equipped power units, Pinnacle ensures its equipment is reliable in any conditions.  Add on-site snow removal equipment and state-of-the-art Thermo King trailer temp monitoring with real time alarms for “out of tolerance” temperatures and the potential for losses falls harder than snow in a blizzard.  Rounding out the toolkit for operating in the cold are the heated facilities within the Pinnacle network and dock workers with specialized training to ensure optimal handling across docks.  

Experience is also a useful tool and Pinnacle Freight has it in spades.  With truckload and LTL services tailored specifically to the food/grocery industry, few carriers have greater experience with MABDs and pre-appointed shipments.  Using both EDI and API interfaces, Pinnacle freight delivers exceptional in-transit visibility, track and trace capabilities and more.   They also offer “all-risk” cargo insurance for high value freight up to half a million dollars for an even greater layer of protection.

With the right tools, success is almost always assured and you’ll find all you need and more this winter season with Pinnacle Freight.  For more information, or to request Protect from Freeze Service for your next load.

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