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Contact Drew Wittig for more information



Contact Drew Wittig for more information


Pinnacle is an exciting company that provides our owner operators choices. We have an LTL Division and a Truckload Division which allows our owner operators to choose the program that best suits their lifestyle and earnings.

Why should I lease on to Pinnacle Trucking LLC as an Owner Operator?

Pinnacle is an exciting company that provides our owner operators choices. We have an LTL Division and a Truckload Division which allows our owner operators to choose the program that best suits their lifestyle and earnings.

What are the differences between both programs?

Our Truckload Division compensates owner operators on percentage. Each operator is required to own their own truck and bring their own trailer (if you do not have a trailer Pinnacle will rent one to you). We pay 75% of the revenue to our owner operators and they are dispatched by individuals that understand market conditions and freight demand.

Our LTL Division compensates owner operators by a combination of mileage pay and percentage and we have a steady flow of freight between our warehouse in Florence NJ and cities east of Interstate 35.

What can I expect to make as an owner operator leased on to Pinnacle?

Average weekly net settlement amount for an owner operator operating for Pinnacle Trucking LLC is generally between $2,500 and $3,500.

Do you have a sign on bonus for owner operators?

Yes. We pay a sign on bonus of $3000 for each owner operator. $1000 after first month, $1,000 after 2nd month and $1000 after third month.

Do you pay a driver referral bonus?

Yes. we are anxious to lease on experienced, professional owner operators and will pay a $1,000 bonus for any referral after new owner operator is under his or her first load.

What if I do not own a trailer?

If you choose to lease on to our Full Truckload Division you are required to bring your own trailer. If you do not own your own trailer we have rental options available (van or reefer). If you choose to lease on to our LTL Division, we will provide you a trailer at no charge.

What are the requirements for an owner operator to become a contractor with Pinnacle?

Pinnacle was recently presented with the Great West Safety Award for outstanding achievement in highway safety. Pinnacle placed 1st for all motor carriers under 1,000,000 miles. The award was presented by New Jersey Motor Truck Association in cooperation with the ATA. We are proud of our safety rating and CSA scores and hire only seasoned professionals.

We ask that you be at least 23 years of age and possess only one CDL Class A valid license. You must be able to provide a SS Card and / or immigration documents. In addition you will need to pass a physical, drug test and road test. You must show a record of three years verifiable driving experience and have no more than five jobs in the past three years. You must be able to read and write english well enough to fulfill the requirements of the position applied for, per 391.11 (b) 2.

Does my truck have to meet any specific qualifications?

Yes. Your truck must be DOT compliant, late model and well maintained. Tractor stacks must be 13’ high and turned away from trailer. The following must be in place before you can sign on –registration, annual inspection, emissions test, bobtail insurance, IFTA and HUT.

Does Pinnacle provide base plates and registration?

We do offer a registration and plating program for you. The initial costs to register and obtain plates for your tractor will be deducted from your earnings over a period of 20 weekly settlements. You will be required to show proof of filing your annual form 2290 (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return).

Is ACH available?


What insurance will I need to provide?

You will be required to pay for Physical damage on a leased truck (if applicable) and rented trailer (if applicable), non-trucking liability (bob-tail) and workers compensation which is required by NJ law.

What if I do not have workers compensation?

Pinnacle will provide coverage and charge you back $56 as a weekly settlement deduction.

What will be deducted from my weekly settlements?

Workers Compensation, IFTA, fuel advances, personal cash advances, maintenance escrow, Trailer Rental charges and insurance (if applicable), eLog services, bobtail insurance and physical damage insurance on your tractor if purchased from Pinnacle and the registration and plating deductions if you choose to participate.  Sample settlement statements can be made available for you to review.

Do you supply fuel cards?


Do you provide fuel discounts?

Yes. All fuel discounts received by Pinnacle are passed along to the owner operator.

Does Pinnacle advance owner operators?

Yes, Pinnacle will advance drivers up to $150 per trip.

Does Pinnacle have a lease purchase program?

Yes Pinnacle has lease purchase options for drivers that choose to lease on to our LTL Division.  We require all new owner operators that do not own a truck to successfully complete a three month probationary period. During that time they get to operate as an owner operator which allows them to manage their earnings and deductions and put money aside for a down payment on a truck. After completion of your 3 month probationary period we expect each owner operator to purchase a truck of their own.

After completion of my 3 month probationary period where do I get my truck?

After successful completion of your probationary period, we will refer you to our list of affiliates that can source a late model tractor for you along with financing. We also have a short list of used trucks available for purchase and financing.

What are your rules and guidelines for purchasing and financing a used truck?

All drivers that lease purchase through Pinnacle are required to carry a warranty and fully fund a maintenance escrow account. Additionally, a strict PM Maintenance program must be followed.

Does Pinnacle have an orientation program?

Yes. Pinnacle has an orientation program that takes place in Florence, NJ and can be completed in 1 – 2 days.

What kind of freight is available at Pinnacle? Where can I expect to run?

Our Truckload Division will take advantage of market conditions and “truck to load” ratios and keep you operating where freight rates are highest. We are careful not to commit to customer freight that does not reward our owner operators with revenue pay that does not pay them enough to operate. Our salespeople consistently search for new opportunities and those consistent opportunities are offered to our owner operators as they come available.

Is Pinnacle looking for team drivers?


Do you provide the trailer if I do not have one?

Yes. Refrigerated trailers are available at $350 per week. Dry vans are available at $200 per week. Pinnacle will be responsible for maintenance and tires. The owner Operator is responsible for physical damage insurance on the trailer and paid as a weekly deduction.

What pay programs do you offer?

If you choose to join the Full Truckload Division you will be compensated at 75% of the revenue of each truckload shipment. You will receive 100% of the fuel when the fuel surcharge is itemized on the rate confirmation.

We offer mileage pay plus FSC for owner operators that join our LTL Division.

Both pay Programs are detailed on the website

Do I need a hazmat endorsement?

That depends on which option you choose to lease on to. Our LTL Division requires that you have tanker endorsement and hazmat endorsement.

For Truckload Division hazmat endorsement and Tanker are not required but highly recommended.