Expedited Shipping: What It Is And How To Use It Effectively

Dec 18, 2023 | Blog, Pinnacle Services, Trucking Info

From a single pallet to odd-sized equipment parts, expedited shipping offers many options and can significantly help consignors stand out from the competition.

When fast deliveries with strict time windows are critical, shippers look for expedited services that ensure their load arrives intact and on time.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a special service for last-minute transportation, MABD (must arrive by date) deliveries, or time-sensitive freight.

In e-commerce, expedited shipping refers to same-day or next-day parcel delivery, usually with an additional fee.

In freight transportation, expedited shipping optimizes processes to deliver cargo quickly and efficiently. Standard options include dedicated FTL transportation with direct routes, air shipments, and strategic warehousing.

Depending on the type of freight and the industry, expedited freight shipping can be used on a regular basis or on-demand within narrow time frames.

Major industries that require expedited shipping and logistics services include medical, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, manufacturing, and seasonal.

How Does Expedited Shipping Work?

Expedited shipping utilizes carrier networks, different transportation options, and technology to create timely and efficient solutions for every order.

The bottom line?

To get your items to their destination fast and safely.

Today, expedited shipments offer real-time tracking and use connected TMS and route planning applications to streamline transportation.

Especially in last-minute requests, carriers and 3PLs utilize all available resources and expertise to offer quick, tailor-made services that meet shippers’ needs.

At Pinnacle Freight Systems Inc., we rely on our own fleet, our extended carrier network(Expedited Service), Pinnacle’s warehousing, and multimodal brokerage options to ensure that your load arrives at its destination as fast as possible.

What Are the Types of Expedited Freight Shipping?

Expedited carriers may use road or air transport or a combination of transportation modes.

Ground Expedited Services

Domestic carriers offer a wide option of ground-expedited services.

Depending on the distance and freight volume, shipments may be loaded onto light-duty vans that are more flexible for urban deliveries and shorter distances or larger box trucks that travel across the country with big-sized loads.

Expedited freight forwarders look at capacity availability and historical data, among other things, to find the best available options for every shipment.

Air Freight Services

Sometimes, items that need to be shipped expedited across very long distances choose air shipments (via cargo or commercial airplanes) and air charter services.

Choosing the right mode of transport boils down to time limits, cost, and time-sensitivity of your freight.

In e-commerce, air freight services are typically used for fast, international deliveries. 

But for domestic shipping, expedited air freight is commonly used for time-critical deliveries, for example, medical and pharmaceutical items or first-aid supplies in natural disasters.

What Are The Benefits of Expedited Shipping?

In today’s fast-paced world, the logistics industry adapts to market demands for speed. In this respect, expedited shipping offers significant advantages for freight transportation and e-commerce.

Guaranteed Delivery Times

With expedited shipping, shippers can let their customers know precise delivery times, a significant asset when delivering perishable goods or medical supplies, for example.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Offering prompt deliveries and efficiently responding to last-minute requests makes your business stand out among your competitors.

By partnering with the right 3PL, you can take advantage of capacity availability and streamlined services in cases of unexpected peaks or other unforeseen events.

When it comes to parcel shipping and e-commerce, delivering fast and on time enhances customer loyalty.

Reduced Risk Of Cargo Damage And Loss

Expedited freight is usually a dedicated trucking service. As a result, with minimal handling and virtually no stops between pickup and drop off, your cargo faces minimal damage and loss risks.

All in all, it is an ideal solution for time sensitive or valuable freight.

Fast Transit Times

To provide top-notch expedited trucking services, many carriers operate with lightweight vans that can deliver dedicated loads faster than big-size trucks over the same distance.

Pinnacle Freight Systems Inc. offers OTR expedited hauling with sprinter vans and cargo vans when possible.

And we have a good reason to do so. In many cases, sprinter vans are the best option for expedited shipping services.

How are Sprinter Vans Used In Expedited Trucking?

Sprinter and smaller cargo vans are widely used in expedited trucking when hauling small-sized or low-volume freight.

Classes and specifications vary, but typical sprinter vans in expedited shipping carry around 3500 lbs load. Their cargo space ranges from 300 ft³ to 550 ft³, and they can fit 1 to 4 standard pallets.

If there is no additional handling during transit, freight can be stacked up to the vehicle’s ceiling if necessary.

Most sprinter vans hauling expedited loads fall under light-duty (class 1) vehicles, but bigger, medium-duty vans are also used if necessary.

Why Use Sprinter Vans In Expedited Shipping?

Sprinter cargo vans provide flexible trucking solutions for expedited shipping.

They have a relatively small frame but a large cargo space for loose or palletized freight. Low-volume shippers can actually use them as dedicated trucking solutions instead of LTL, which often comes with more extended lead times.

Moreover, sprinter van drivers are not regulated by the DOT, which offers more flexible deliveries. They can be operated by one or two drivers to keep your freight moving even during weekends and holidays.

Because of their popularity, sprinter van fleets are expanding across the country. This is why they are typically available for MABD and last-minute deliveries.

Thanks to their small size, sprinter vans can easily maneuver in urban areas and have lower operational costs than box trucks or semis and less CO2 emissions for more sustainable logistics.

Expedited Shipping Across The Country

At Pinnacle Freight Systems Inc., we provide sophisticated expedited shipping services to accommodate last-minute, time-sensitive, or MABD.

With a network of more than 5,000 vetted carriers across the lower 48, our Dedicated Expedite Team can effectively tailor trucking services to your needs, combining ground and air freight services when necessary.

Plus, we offer overnight tracking and consistent hourly updates throughout transit (door-to-door visibility) and ensure your load arrives safely and on time. 
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