Warehousing & Distribution

Our modern 100,000 square foot facility includes temperature control for products requiring 36 F – 46 F cooler as well as 60 F – 70 F Climate Control. Our Central New Jersey location makes us an ideal choice for customers looking for a distribution solution. We feature a mixture of reefers, vans, and straight trucks for challenging city deliveries.

Pinnacle Freight Systems provides flexible options including:

  • Warehousing
  • Clean, secure, well-lit and product-ready
  • Transportation Management
  • Accurate Physical Inventory Counts
  • Wrapping and Labelling
  • Rail Accessible
  • Cross-Docking Services
  • Carrier Friendly – We are asset based, we understand this is important!

The Right Choice

Finding the right warehouse for your company’s storage and distribution can reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your supply chain. We can provide a flexible, innovative, and customized storage and transportation solution.

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