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From Transportation & Logistics International Magazine, By Tim O’Connor

The danger of rapid expansion is that some things can be left behind in the wake of growth. From 2013 to 2015, business journal NJBIZ named Pinnacle Freight Systems as one of New Jersey’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies each year. But after three years of aggressive expansion, President and CEO Mike Ravallo realized it was time to take a breather and strengthen the company’s infrastructure. “We purposely put the brakes on in 2016 from growing the company,” he says.

Pinnacle, a provider of truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) services, spent last year boosting its driver safety department, enhancing driver training and ensuring it had the protocols and systems in place to accommodate future growth. It enlisted consulting company Envirun to make sure all driver logs were compliant, provide hazardous materials training, maintain driver files, handle owner-operator requirements, manage vehicle leases and oversee DOT inspections, among other [...]

As published in The NJBIZ Daily News, story by Lori Campos.

Dave Gorman, the executive vice president at Pinnacle Freight Systems in Florence, started with the most important issue for the company while a winter storm dropped a foot or snow (or more) on various parts of the state Tuesday.

“All of our drivers are safe,” he said. “We made the decision yesterday to pull all of our (local) drivers off the road.

“When we run into a situation like this, safety is the first priority. It’s paramount: for our drivers, for our employees, for other motorists — in no particular order. Safety comes first.”

And while bad weather is a part of the industry, it always comes at a price.

Gorman says Pinnacle, annually one of the fastest-growing companies in the state, will lose “over six figures” in revenue from the storm.

“It’s not insignificant,” he said. “We have fixed costs in this business, [...]

July 20, 2016 – Today, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that the Agency has hit some delays in implementing the Agency’s Unified Registration System (URS) and they will not be releasing the URS until January 14, 2017, and establishing a full implementation date of April 14, 2017.

On December 12, 2015, all new U.S. or Canada-domiciled applicants and Mexico-domiciled applicants seeking registration to operate in the commercial zones along the U.S.-Mexico border began using the new system. A new applicant is defined as anyone who does not have and has never been assigned a USDOT, MC, MX, or FF number. These applicants are required to use the new online application when requesting registration and a USODT number beginning on December 12, 2015.

*The new online application and associated databases will not be available for use by those who already have USDOT, MC, MX, or FF numbers until January 14, 2017.

Here [...]

On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed into law the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, or “FAST Act.” It is the first law enacted in over ten years that provides long-term funding certainty for surface transportation, meaning States and local governments can move forward with critical transportation projects, like new highways and transit lines, with the confidence that they will have a Federal partner over the long term. Secretary Foxx and his team at U.S. DOT have worked tirelessly to advocate for a long term bill, underscoring the needed sense of urgency to the American people.

As Secretary Foxx said, “After hundreds of Congressional meetings, two bus tours, visits to 43 states, and so much uncertainty – and 36 short term extensions – it has been a long and bumpy ride to a long-term transportation bill.  It’s not perfect, and there is still more left to do, but it reflects a bipartisan compromise I always [...]

PINNACLE FREIGHT SYSTEMS, INC has been named one of New Jersey’s 2015 50 Fastest Growing Companies. The award marks the third straight year that Pinnacle has been recognized for achieving substantial revenue growth. The award program produced by NJBIZ, New Jersey’s premiere business news publication, is presented by WeiserMazars and Comcast Business and sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, and Archer & Greiner.

EDISON, NJ, January 26, 2015 – Pinnacle Freight Systems today announced that it will move its operations from Raritan Center to a new warehouse and distribution center in Florence, New Jersey, as of April 1, 2015.

Ranking high on both the Inc. 5000 and the NJBIZ 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2014 and still on the rise, Pinnacle was compelled to seek out a larger facility that will accommodate multiple temperature ranges and expanded freight volume for customers that need northeast distribution.

Company President Michael Ravallo said of the move: “The new facility will allow us to handle products requiring 36°F-46°F, 60°F-70°F and ambient temperatures. The warehouse gives us the flexibility to act as a distribution carrier to complement our already existing LTL operations. We plan on adding trucks to support our growth. We hope to find customers that need a strong, dependable carrier to distribute their products in the northeast and nationwide.”

Pinnacle Freight’s [...]

by Todd Colin, Rockfarm CEO

The 2015 Budget bill came with news that there were some changes to drivers
Hours of Service (HOS). At a high level these changes are suspended until
Sept 30th, 2015. The DOT will be studying the safety benefits and costs of the
HOS regulations.

The suspension targets one general regulation that has two specific components,
and that has to do with the drivers’ time on the clock and when a driver has to restart
his hours each week. The requirement to restart the drivers’ hours each week is no
longer in effect under the suspension, meaning that the driver does not have to have
34 hours off each week before restarting.

PINNACLE FREIGHT SYSTEMS is pleased to announce that they have been named one of New Jersey’s 2014 50 Fastest Growing Companies for the second consecutive year. In 2013, Pinnacle Freight Systems was ranked 23rd by NJBIZ Magazine. The award program produced by NJBIZ, New Jersey’s premiere business news publication, is presented by ParenteBeard, LLC and sponsored by Comcast Business, Mass Mutual, United Healthcare, Citi, and Archer & Greiner.

The NJBIZ 50 Fastest Growing Companies awards program celebrates New Jersey’s most dynamic companies who progressively contribute to the success of the state’s economic growth and stability. To qualify, companies had to meet selection criteria that included a revenue size of at least $500,000 within the past two out of three years and growth in revenue over a three year period, dating from fiscal year 2011 to 2013.

Presenting sponsor, ParenteBeard, LLC calculated the nominations and then ranked the companies according to revenue growth over the three [...]

EDISON, NJ, September 11, 2014 – Pinnacle Freight Systems, today announced that it has been named to the 2014 Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. Making its first appearance on the list at number 1192, Pinnacle Freight now shares this distinction with such previous honorees as Microsoft, Timberland, Zappos, Jamba Juice, and Intuit.

“I am honored to be among the group of companies included in the Inc. 5000,” said Michael Ravallo, Pinnacle Freight Systems President and CEO. “And I am especially proud of our employees whose hard work is ultimately responsible for the recognition and success we have achieved so far. The growth that we have seen over the last few years is a result of the business model that we have and the managers that are leading the way. We all share a commitment to building an organization that is exciting and fun to work for and [...]

Freight companies always need to be prepared for the unexpected. While apps and other services have simplified the process for getting things from point A to point B, but there’s no way to predict issues such as hazardous weather and treacherous road conditions.

That’s a problem — especially when you are a small business.

That’s why Mike Ravallo, the president and CEO of Pinnacle Freight Systems in Edison, was delighted to reach an agreement with the well-established Penske Corporation, long a leader in the industry.

The agreement gives Ravallo’s team of drivers an excellent support system to rely on when they are on the road.

“Imagine you own a truck and it breaks down in Oklahoma — you’re at the mercy of any mechanic in the surrounding area,” Ravallo said.

It could take a few days for a local mechanic to inspect a broken-down vehicle and order new parts.

If a situation like this occurs [...]

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